Tick & Flea Season Instructions

The Paralysis Tick and the Brown Dog Tick are the two most common ticks on dogs. However, it is the Paralysis Tick that is by far the most dangerous. sick dog from ticksIt causes paralysis in a variety of forms but a ‘typical’ case starts with weakness of the hindquarters that progresses to total paralysis of all four legs.

Signs to watch for:

Other typical early signs include an altered bark or meow and vomiting. When the chest muscles and muscles of the throat become affected, the dog or cat is in serious trouble.

Take your pet to a Vet if your Dog/Cat is extremely lathargic

  • Dogs and cats can often loose the control of the throat and voice box first (a strange miaow or bark may be the first thing you notice)
  • Regurgitation and vomiting is common
  • Hind leg weakness/paralysis is next
  • The weakness/paralysis rapidly ascends up the spine towards the head with total paralysis occurring last
  • Laboured breathing and grunting is common at this stage.

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