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Puppy Preschool

Private in home Puppy Training Consultation

Why wait for puppy preschool to start when you can book a private in home consultation now?

Why do an in home consultation instead of attending puppy preschool?

  • You can get started on all aspects of training straight away rather than waiting weeks to get all the info and time for your puppy to get into bad habits
  • Individual attention – 1 on 1 attention rather than wasting time waiting for your turn in a group
  • Save time and petrol – by not needing to travel and attend to weeks of classes
  • Flexible – we can work out a time that suits you rather than having to fit in with us
  • More info – we can get through more info in 1.5 hours than you can in a full course at puppy preschool
  • Your puppy will be more comfortable in your home environment which will make training easier
  • No bad experiences with other puppies – we will discuss socialising your puppy correctly with other dogs (should be socialised with all ages, sexes, sizes, temperaments etc not just puppies) if your puppy is jumped on by another puppy it could scare it which will be a bad experience and could cause issues at this young age which is what we want to avoid
  • Great value – the consultation is no more than you would normally pay to attend puppy preschool
  • Follow up notes will also be given as well as your dogs life time of email/phone contact with us for any training help you require at no extra cost

What is covered in the consultation:

* Commands: sit, drop, come, stay, heel (lead walking).
* How to socialise
* Toilet training
* Nipping & biting.
* Tolerance to handling & restriction
* How to play productively

Age: 8-16 weeks

  • Cost: $160
  • Time: 90 mins
  • Areas covered: most areas of Sydney – just ask us
  • If you have a puppy over 16 weeks, please talk to us about other training options.
  • Haven’t got your puppy yet?

Enquire now and we can give you some tips on what you need to do to get ready for your new arrival.

For instance, did you know the first place your puppy goes to the toilet when you get it home is likely where it will continue to go so it is crucial to put them where you want them to go until they do when they first get home.

A bit more info:

We use positive reinforcement with food treats as our training technique (don’t worry, we will also show you how to get your dog to do commands without using food all the time too.) This has been proven to be the most effective training method for pet dogs.

The first 16 weeks of our puppy’s life is the most important, if you get this stage right you should end up with a happy confident dog and a life time of happy memories.

If you would like to book your consultation, please complete our online form.

We will then contact you to arrange a date and time that suits you.

I look forward to meeting you and your new bundle of furry joy soon.