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  • Brushing your Dog’s Teeth

    What is periodontal disease in Pets? In humans, tartar builds up if we do not remove it by brushing. Likewise in animals, tartar builds up if it is not removed by chewing on raw bones or other gnawing toys, or by brushing. Tartar then develops into calculus, which is the visible hard, yellowy, mineral buildup. […]

  • Tick & Flea Season Instructions

    The Paralysis Tick and the Brown Dog Tick are the two most common ticks on dogs. However, it is the Paralysis Tick that is by far the most dangerous. It causes paralysis in a variety of forms but a ‘typical’ case starts with weakness of the hindquarters that progresses to total paralysis of all four […]

  • Training your Puppy

    What’s a good time to train your Puppy?? It is important to start training your new puppy as soon as you bring it home. Training can be done yourself or a professional can be hired. Local dog training classes are often available. There are two types of training: behavioral and obedience. Behavioral training prevents and […]